This year, we have embraced a new Christmas tradition. Instead of buying gifts for our customers and partners, we have decided to use these funds for charity and do something meaningful for our community. Specifically, we decided to support the Children’s Village Pöttsching and fulfill the children’s Christmas wishes.

The Children’s Village Pöttsching: a place that provides children with the best possible support

For over 60 years, this village has been a place that not only offers comprehensive care and a safe environment, but also educational and therapeutic support. It creates a space in which children and young people can find a sense of security and individual support.

Yet, like many such institutions, the Children’s Village Pöttsching relies on donations to facilitate excursions and offer additional sports and leisure activities. Regrettably, many children’s wishes often go unanswered.

New Hope for Kids with ADVVISE

This year, ADVVISE has taken up the mantle of turning these children’s long-awaited dreams into reality. Our donation has not only enabled children to enjoy skiing and a trip to the movies, but has also given them hope that there are compassionate people in this wide world who think of them and stand by their side.

Support the Children’s Village Pöttsching

To learn more about the Children’s Village Pöttsching and how you can contribute to making children’s wishes come true, please visit the Children’s Village Pöttsching website. Every donation, regardless of its size, holds the power to transform the lives of these children, offering them a glimpse of a brighter and better world.

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