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ADVVISE PPM QuickStart is a “Built with ServiceNow” Offering and streamlines the project portfolio management journey, integrating Idea, Demand, Project, Resource, Portfolio, and Financial Management capabilities.


While organizations have to respond to growing business needs, they lack insight into demands and projects and managing complex, data-heavy business processes on disconnected spreadsheets is almost impossible. As a consequence, the misalignment between strategy and investments, coupled with unclear staffing and resource planning, escalates costs and hampers efficiency.

ADVVISE PPM QuickStart’s “Walk Before You Run” methodology ensures organizations achieve rapid value, deploying a productive PPM solution in just 6 weeks. With our standardized approach we focus on the most relevant processes first and ensure that you can start quick and easy. As your PPM maturity level continues to evolve, you can enhance the platform with further functionality and processes or integrate it with other systems in your company.

“With ADVVISE PPM QuickStart, we were able to use the ServiceNow SPM solution quickly and reliably after a short implementation period. No longer using Excel and other isolated applications, we now have a transparent view in the central management of demands, projects, and portfolios. The methodology, expertise, and best practices of the ADVVISE team enabled a quick implementation, which is a very good basis for the further expansion into an enterprise-wide project and portfolio management solution.”

Maximilian Paul, Projektportfolio-Manager – Projektmanagement Office, Swietelsky AG

ADVVISE PPM QuickStart, Built with ServiceNow, enables:

Centralized Intake Mechanism

Comprehensive Investment View

Integrated Future Roadmap

Get you up and running as quickly as in 6 weeks.

QuickStart Timeline

Case study: EU-based Construction Services Client

The opportunity

The client faced multiple challenges with their idea, demand and project management processes. Different tools and spreadsheets have been used to gather ideas, demands, and project requests. There was no centralized mechanism to capture requests, review them, or prioritize them, leading to inefficiencies in their decision-making process.

The solution

With ADVVISE PPM QuickStart, the client revamped their Idea, Demand & Project Management process, introducing a centralized intake system in just 6 weeks. The solution helps to gain visibility into all requests and projects and the client now has a solid and up-to-date database as a foundation for improving project prioritization and better decision-making. With the principle of ‘walk before you run’, they ensured high acceptance for the solution, keeping it user-friendly and efficient.


  • ServiceNow SPM acts as a uniform database, consolidating data in high quality.
  • Centralized, user-friendly intake process adopted enterprise-wide, enhancing collaboration on ideas, demands and projects.
  • Automated routing reduced manual tasks and minimized assignment errors.

Case study: Global Operating Manufacturing Client

The opportunity

A global operating manufacturing client faced challenges with their non-streamlined management of business and IT investment initiatives across distinct entities. Using different tools across entities prevented an aggregated view of projects what led to insufficient visibility and credibility of data around project and portfolio activities and status. This disjointed approach resulted in poor risk identification, inaccurate demand and project forecasting, and a limited ability to optimize resource management.

The solution

With implementing ServiceNow SPM, the client could consolidate data about their IT and business investment initiatives to a single platform, streamlining the project and portfolio management processes across all entities without neglecting their individual specificities. This enhancement improved the organization’s visibility to data about its investment initiatives and confidence in the quality of that data and now allows them to better steer resource demands, plan efficiently and identify potential bottlenecks.


  • Merged multiple project management and reporting tools into a singular platform, boosting efficiency and productivity.
  • Gained a clearer overview of new requests, enabling proactive risk foresight, improved demand and project management, and optimal resource allocation.
  • Significantly reduced errors by eliminating manual transfers between spreadsheets and other tools.

Start a journey towards smarter decisions and maximizing your company’s potential with ADVVISE and ServiceNow SPM.

With ADVVISE as your partner, you get everything you need for your PPM journey from a single source, whether it be software, consulting, implementation, training, or application support services. Our experts are specialized in both technical and functional disciplines with a strong focus on giving best practices to our customers.


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