In the enchanting backdrop of Saalbach, from September 8th to 10th, 2023, the 24th edition of the World Games of Mountainbiking graced the scene with a blend of elegance and thrill. It was also the 16th anniversary of the heartfelt “Biking4Butterfly Children” initiative, spearheaded by Andreas Engelhardt.

Amidst nature’s benevolent embrace, the ADVVISE team, in harmony with partner companies, loyal friends, valued customers, and dedicated colleagues, embarked on an exhilarating odyssey towards the finish line, conquering various marathon distances. Each pedal stroke resonated with purpose, as they championed the “Biking 4 Butterfly Children” campaign, a noble endeavor dedicated to supporting the remarkable self-help organization, DEBRA Austria.

DEBRA Austria: The Guardians of “Butterfly Children’s” Dreams

DEBRA Austria stands firmly on a mission of compassion, delivering expert medical care to the treasured “butterfly children” and amplifying their chances of recovery through dedicated, top-tier research. Furthermore, DEBRA Austria stands as an unwavering support system, extending immediate assistance to those affected and their families during critical junctures, bridging the gaps left by health insurance and social welfare systems.

The term “butterfly children” encapsulates the poignant journey of individuals grappling with epidermolysis bullosa, a rare congenital skin disorder for which, as of now, no cure exists. This affliction renders the skin as fragile as a butterfly’s wings, susceptible to blistering and cracking even under the gentlest mechanical pressure. Pain and wounds become constant companions, and in severe cases, life expectancy dwindles dramatically. Epidermolysis bullosa resides within the realm of rare diseases, with an estimated incidence of just 1 in 17,000.

An Urgent Appeal for Support At A Time Of Crisis For The Health Care System

In Austria, nearly 500 individuals courageously face the tribulations of epidermolysis bullosa, while across Europe, this number swells to a staggering 30,000. Regrettably, the public healthcare system remains ill-equipped to navigate the intricate landscape of such a rare ailment. Specialized medical expertise was once a rarity, and even today, financial resources from the public sector remain insufficient to combat this complex issue. Consequently, the domains of medicine, research, and the vital social support network for “butterfly children” and their families find their lifeline in the generosity of donations.

An Uplifting Applause for Acts of Compassion

The rousing climax of this cycling spectacle culminated in a standing ovation and marked a record year for the “Cycling for Butterfly Children” initiative, which was launched in 2006. More than 300,000 euros in donations have been raised over the years through this heartfelt cause. At the 24th World Games of Mountainbiking, a remarkable 7,700 euros were donated to DEBRA Austria. This success vividly demonstrates the transformative power of unity and determination in addressing rare and challenging diseases, and underscores how each of us can have a significant impact on the lives of these resilient children.

Looking Forward to a Radiant Tomorrow

The ADVVISE team rejoices in their contribution to this noble cause, their spirits soaring as they eagerly anticipate the forthcoming World Games of Mountainbiking in 2024. It serves as a poignant reminder that, as long as there exist individuals ready to pedal with passion and purpose, hope shall forever radiate.

Support the Butterfly Children

To delve deeper into the world of epidermolysis bullosa, discover more about the transformative endeavors of DEBRA Austria, and learn how you can become a vital part of this crucial mission, please visit DEBRA Austria’s website. Every contribution, regardless of its size, carries the potent ability to etch a profound difference in the lives of “butterfly children” and their families, infusing hope and healing where it is needed most.

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