ServiceNow is the digital business platform that effectively links your IT and business architecture in the digital age.  The comprehensive integration of AI functionalities in ServiceNow SPM has rapidly gained in importance and continues to develop at a remarkable pace. To exploit the full potential of the platform, companies should regularly adapt and optimize its use. After all, the development potential for your company does not end with process digitization. It is a solid basis for the further development of innovative business models that secure your competitiveness.

In this blog post, we explore:

  • How Artificial Intelligence can impact your strategic project portfolio management
  • How job profiles in strategic project portfolio management will change as a result of artificial intelligence
  • Which specific SPM AI features can already be used in ServiceNow
  • What developments can we expect at the interface between strategic project portfolio management and AI in the coming years

Combining Strategic And Operational Excellence Through AI

Project portfolio management is a strategic and operational task that have always been mutually dependent. Today, the complexity of valid planning scenarios, effective project execution, outstanding implementation results and, ideally, ongoing adaptation and optimization of project selection and execution can only be successfully managed digitally. Artificial intelligence is the new generation of digital solutions that enables people to work more productively and collaboratively through automated, networked workflows and precise, cross-format information. This alone should significantly increase the level of innovation in companies.

The Classic And Future SPM Users

The first step, however, is to activate the potential of AI through the SPM application in an organization. The potential change starts with the fact that AI-supported SPM will flexibly expand the user base. This is because SPM tools are becoming increasingly intuitive and, thanks to contextualized onboarding, can be used by various business users even without comprehensive support measures. Greater autonomy through independent data queries by individual users leads to less overhead and therefore also to better business agility. We can already see that the SPM is a relevant work and information platform beyond the project management organization – right up to the digital CEO.

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Which SPM Features Bring Artificial Intelligence To Your Company?

  • SPM Feature Shotlight: AI search

ServiceNow SPM becomes a multimedia enterprise search engine. You receive answers that can be implicitly answered by project plans, service tickets and status reports. We assume that the maximum networking of your data and its active use in strategic and operational business operations will solve the central corporate problem of silo thinking in the medium term.

Now Assist in AI Search

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  • SPM Feature Spotlight: Generative AI

The intelligent organization is characterized by a reduction in manual effort, which creates more freedom for value-adding activities. ServiceNow has therefore prioritized the embedding of generative AI into the platform and already enables service agents to automatically summarize customer conversations, provide developers with code recommendations and combine search results into reports and presentations. Reducing the workload of knowledge workers has a huge impact on a company’s strategy implementation, as employees can also focus more on their contribution to achieving the company’s goals.

GEN AI at ServiceNow

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  • SPM Feature Spotlight: Predictive Intelligence

With ServiceNow SPM, the creation of business intelligence dashboards and the active analysis of planning scenarios based on historical and forecast actual and target data will soon no longer require a data scientist. Data visualizations are created using natural language commands and continuously improved through qualitative feedback – again in natural language. The informative value of a company’s constantly expanding data pool is constantly increasing thanks to well-founded, closely integrated decisions and is reflected in the company’s performance. You can already create your own machine learning models in several languages on your ServiceNow SPM instance and fine-tune them using a comprehensive algorithm library.

From Digital Transformation To Digital Excellence

The use of AI with ServiceNow potentially leaves no area of the company untouched. Innovation ideas can be assessed more effectively, inefficient processes can be automatically identified and optimized through concrete solution proposals from the system. In the future, however, it will not only be about making your employees more effective through artificial intelligence, but also about working with it and training them. The use of AI is not a one-way street: companies need to radically rethink team constellations and work responsibilities.

ServiceNow SPM Live In Action

Would you like to discuss possible use cases and develop a better understanding of the practical application of ServiceNow SPM? We support you with tailor-made services from the initial use of the platform through to integration with your third-party systems and answer your questions about the licenses required to bring the maximum amount of artificial intelligence into your company. A proof of concept secures your investment and serves as a convincing tool to win over your stakeholders for the next level of your company story. The time for Artificial Intelligence is now!

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