Manage Your Transformation Successfully

SAP Hanna Manage Transformation Successfully

A lack of project preparation, inadequate project management and a missing overview of project dependencies are main reasons for failed S/4 HANA projects.

Don’t play around with your S4/HANA journey!

Your S/4HANA project requires a long-term strategy and investment! AND, the ability to professionally plan the transformation project, measure progress and evaluate the degree of completion of the delivery units.



Get a reliable solution for your transformation project up and running in 6 weeks with ADVVISE PPM QuickStart   and gain valuable insights into the status and activities of the program at any time!


  • Project planning: plan tasks, work packages, milestones and dependencies.
  • Project management: stay flexible and decide for which projects you want to choose a waterfall, agile or hybrid approach.
  • Keep costs under control with financial planning: Break down costs e.g. into phases or sub-projects.
  • Have an overview of all programs, (sub)projects, costs and resources with the PMO dashboard. 

How It Works?

1.  Meet

45-60 minutes – Discovery call to understand the status & the project

2. Learn

Demo & Q&A – in a personalized demo we show you how the transformation project can be mapped based on our best practice experience

3. Go

Project start & Onboarding – Start of implementation and go-live in 6 weeks

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