Anyone who has already carried out software implementation projects knows about the technical and organizational challenges that need to be overcome in order to establish efficient processes at the end of the project.

We discuss in this blog post:

– Why your SPM implementation needs to follow best practice
– How to develop a solid implementation roadmap
– What support a certified ServiceNow partner can offer you

SPM Determines Your Future Business Success

Statistics show that 70%-90% of digitalization projects fail due to poorly executed project portfolio management. The problem often begins with an inadequate integration of strategy and operational execution, and extends to inaccurate cost estimates, a lack of risk management and the structural overload of developing cross-departmental, complex topics in an agile manner.

By implementing an SPM solution, you can quickly turn the tide in the opposite direction, provided you consistently apply proven best practices for SPM implementation. If your company uses the methods and frameworks of strategic portfolio management, this will strengthen your operational implementation power, which will have a direct impact on your key business figures.

ServiceNow implementation management capabilities

Source: ServiceNow implementation management capabilities

Success Factor #1: Find The Right Project Balance

SPM implementations are a balancing act between strategic goals and concrete functionalities. To ensure that this back-and-forth navigation with your stakeholders remains dynamic and effective, you should identify and prioritize use cases that have a strong leverage effect for the further roll-out. Visibility and a noticeable increase in efficiency through functionality for a larger group of users combined with simple implementation due to low system interdependencies have proven to be a solid selection criterion.

Success Factor #2: Use Your New SPM Software Right From The Implementation Stage

It is ironic that even project portfolio management solutions are implemented with Excel project plans and project prioritization is handled in Word and PowerPoint slides. Yet ServiceNow provides all the tools needed to digitally map every implementation step. Actively using the system as much as possible in “free flight” is enormously helpful for the entire implementation process and the creation of positive user acceptance, but can be challenging without the relevant software experience.

Success Factor #3: A Proof Of Concept As The Basis For The Decision

The decision for a PPM system must be carefully considered. After all, you don’t want to “buy a pig in a poke”. A proof of concept (PoC) offers companies the opportunity to test a specific process to be implemented in detail, for example. This also gives users the opportunity to get to know the solution in terms of usability and handling. After a few weeks or months, not only do you have a better understanding of the system and the processes, the learnings also provide a solid basis for decision-making before investing in the purchase of software licenses. If the tests are positive, the resulting findings can then be used for the implementation project.

Success Factor #4: Start Your Change Management At The Start Of The Project At The Latest

A common mantra in the tech industry is that good interaction between technology, processes and people determines software acceptance. In many cases, it is now only the latter two factors that need to be mastered for implementation success. Understand the SPM introduction as a far-reaching change process and accompany this transformation with intensive, targeted communication work with all stakeholder groups.

Success Factor #5: Stay Agile During SPM Implementation

A classic software implementation plan includes user training at the end. New processes stand and fall with user acceptance. What initially seems like extra work and requires many project managers to rethink their approach will ensure the success of your implementation project: start onboarding users for sub-areas as early as possible and remain open to potentially necessary adaptations based on user feedback. Instead of a “big bang”, SPM will naturally find its way into your organization.

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