🚀 With “Vancouver”, ServiceNow releases the latest version of the NOW platform 💥

Join us on a journey to Vancouver and experience the innovative advancements and exciting features of the new release for ServiceNow SPM! Get ready for a variety of long-awaited improvements and new functionalities for the ServiceNow platform. 🆕 🛠️

Join our webinar, where we’ll provide you with a compact yet comprehensive overview of the developments in Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM). 🎯

📋 Webinar Agenda:

📌 Discover the highlights of the latest innovations. ✨

📌 Experience a demo showcasing the powerful functionalities in action. 💻

📌 Learn how ADVVISE can help you benefit from the updates and extensions as quickly as possible. 📈

📌 Interactive Q&A session on software compatibility with other apps. 🗣️

🎥 The webinar recording is now available in English! – Register NOW!

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