Many ServiceNow teams struggle with deployments and releases.

ServiceNow applications are complex and often include many dependencies such as scoped applications, global update sets, and other components not captured in update sets or version control (such as a portal widget, for example). And, with the constant growth in demand and more and more teams and consultants developing in your environment, development and quality assurance instances are harder to keep in sync, merge conflicts appear late in the process, and continuous testing isn’t possible.

Furthermore, production releases are even more complex and pause higher risks. Finally, they are manual and only trusted to a select few who work on weekends and unconventional hours tediously following manual instructions written in all sorts of playbook documents.

xtype solves these problems with an out-of-the-box CI/CD solution for ServiceNow that makes developers more productive, increases your application quality, makes production releases a breeze, and drives your organization’s return on investment in ServiceNow higher.

xtype benefits:

Improve platform ROI

  • Deploy more, deliver more to production
  • Manage fewer instances more efficiently
  • Avoid “drift” by synchronizing back and forth changes

Increase developer productivity

  • No more release days
  • Eliminate manual deployment work
  • Identify merge conflicts early
  • Keep all development instances in sync

Improve Security and compliance

  • Code is always scanned
  • Role based access control
  • Continuous monitoring and change tracking

Improve quality

  • Integrated automated testing

xtype’s features include:

  • Continuous Integration of changes between Dev and QA
  • Automated code scans and testing

  • Automated back syncs between QA and development
  • Release packaging for production releases
  • Complete transparency of your pipelines at all times
  • Complete process governance and monitoring

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